24 Ft Leasure Motorboat (ideal for Scuba/Snorkeling)

הסירה פרטים

אורך 24 ft

24 Ft Leasure Motorboat is a fantastic way to see marine life and reconnect with nature. There is nothing better than spending a day taking in the breathtaking sea waves, enjoying a picnic or sunning on the deck.

Snorkeling and scuba diving are excellent boat activities. The two things complement one another like marshmallows and a bonfire.

Boat Capacity: 12 Passengers

פרטי נסיעה

You've come to the perfect site whether you're wishing to book a charter for a gathering, a business event, or a wedding. Whether you desire a fun-filled Hawaii private boat trip for family and friends or a romantic Hawaii boat cruise for two.

On a private boat trip in Hawaii with just your group and the crew, you may enjoy the ocean while being safe and comfortable. Since we are providing you and your group with a special private boat tour to see Hawaii's natural beauty!

Private Charter

  • $1340 USD
  • Price: $670 Per Hour (2 Hour Minimum)

    BYOB and snorkeling included

    Create an Event: 
    Enjoy a special occasion with us out on the open ocean. Weddings, birthdays, parties, or just a day out with friends and family.

    We are here to help you create a special event that you can then share to get your friends excited.

    For more information and quotation, please e-mail us at info@international-boat-rental.com

    Special Event Planning:
    What sets us apart and being different?
    We created the perfect charter that nobody else offers in Hawaii.
    Do you want to swim?
    Do you want to bring your Own Drinks? Sure
    Do you like to dance the Night Away?

    We got it! Anything is possible!

    E-mail us and find out why Hawaiians have trusted us to throw their special party on the ocean with us!
שעות נוספות 670 USD